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= Tamas Molnar GPC European Champion 2014 EQ Deadlift Absolute Caregory -327,5kg =

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Mark Rippetoe: Intro to the Deadlift[]

height, distance, grip width, dragging the , body angles, and .

Mark Rippetoe: Deadlift Setup[]

placement, stance, grip, shins, and chest.

Mark Rippetoe: Deadlift Anatomy[]

The scapula. The transfer of force; Legs and hips = Motor, Rigid spine = transmission. The trapezius. The latissimus.

Mark Rippetoe: Deadlift Alignment Pt. 1[]


Mark Rippetoe: Deadlift Alignment Pt. 2[]

Goofy anthropometry, torso in extension, back in kyphotic and lordotic extension, arms straight, bar over middle of foot, scapula over bar.

Mark Rippetoe: Deadlift Starting Angles[]

Anthropometry, chest up, raise butt, back on heels, neck in line with spine, visual reference, don't rely on mirrors, bar in a straight line, use your lats.

Mark Rippetoe: The Deadlift Scapula[]

Mark Rippetoe describes the isometric function of the scapula in the deadlift

Greg Glassman: Crossfit Deadlift Intro[]

Short intro from Coach Glassman on the deadlift with demonstrations.

Greg Glassman: Deadlift Arm Position[]

Shoulders in front of arms, scapula over bar. (Is Eva yawning?)

Kiknskreem: Curls in the squat rack. FTW.[]

An overview of the barbell deadlift and basic issues related to its performance.

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