The Texas Method Intermediate
High Volume and Moderate Intensity
ie. 5 of 5 across
Assistance work

Low Volume and Low Intensity
ie. 2 or 3 lighter sets of 5 @ 70% of 5RM
or 2 or 3 heavy sets, 3-5 reps of an accessory exercise (standing press, front squat, etc.)
Light assistance work

Low Volume and High Intensity
ie. Maxes or new PR's with heavy singles, doubles,
Speed Sets of high sets and low reps with short rest (Template 4 has examples for incorporating Speed Sets)
Assistance work


Stalling on Friday
Example: You missed a heavy triple on Friday's workout, but progress continues on Mondays.

Two solutions:

Retry. Reattempt the same weight the next week for 3 singles or 2 doubles. Work back up to a triple. Rotate between singles, doubles & triples You can try:

  1. Adding an additional work set (5x5 becomes 6x5)
  2. Adding a back-off set (a set in a higher rep range done with lighter weight after the work sets are completed, ie. 5x5x300, me on Monday.

Stalling on Monday
Example: You did 5 sets of 5 reps, but only achieved 3 reps in the last 2 sets. Failure occurs on Friday with new PR's as well.

Three solutions:

Retry. Reattempt the same weight the next week. Get the 5×5. Attempt up to 3 weeks in a row.


Reduce the volume on Monday. Sometimes the Monday’s workout is too stressful. You need more time to recover.

You can try:

  1. Dropping a work set or two (5x5 becomes 4x5 or 3x5)
  2. Reduce the rep range, while keeping weight the same (5x5x300 becomes 5x3x300)
  3. Reset the weight by 5-10% and work your way back up.

Get creative. Find a way to slightly reduce the volume on Monday.


Reduce the volume/intensity on Wednesday. Wednesday should be kept light to help you maintain your fitness without accumulating much fatigue. You may have gotten too ambitious with your Wednesday workout and

will need to scale it back a bit.

Read More About The Texas Method Here

Template 1Edit

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]
Squat 3X5 (90% of 5rm)  
Bench Press 3X5
SLDL 3X5 (or Bentover BB Row 3x8)

Optional: incline chest flyes/press 3x8

Wednesday [Low Volume/Low Intensity] 
Squat 2X5
Press 3x5
Chin ups 3xAMRAP

Optional: Ab work, rear delts raises

Friday [Low Volume/High Intensity]
Squat 1X5 (build up to 5RM with singles and doubles)
Bench Press 1x5 - build up to 1 set with singles and doubles
Deadlift 1X5 ( try to use a higher weight each week)

Optional: Calves, shrugs

Template 2Edit

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]..
Squat 5X5
Bench Press 5X5
DE Deadlift 8x1 @ 45% 1RM

Wednesday [Low Volume/Low Intensity]
Front Squat 3X3
Overhead Press 3X3 @ 80% of 5RM
Back Extension/GHR 5x10
Chin ups 3x12

Friday [Low Volume/High Intensity]
Squat 1X5 @ 100 % of 5RM
Bench Press 1X5
or 5X3
or 5X2
or 5X1
Deadlift 1X5 (set new PR)<br

Template 3Edit

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]
Squat 5X5
Push Press 12X3
Power Clean 8X3

Back Squat 2X5 (@80% of 5RM)
Press 2X8
Back Extension/GHR 5x10
Chin ups 3x12

Friday [Low Volume/High Intensity]
Squat 1X8
Push Press 1X1 (Ramping to a max single)
or 1x2
or 1x3
Deadlift 1X5
or 2x3
or 3x2
or 5x1

Template 4Edit

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]
Squat 3X8

Wednesday [Low Volume/Low Intensity]
Front Squat 3x3
Press/Bench Press 2X10 (@80% of 5RM) (Alternating)
Assistance work
Back Extension/GHR 5x10
Chin ups 3x12

Friday [Speed Sets]
Box Squat, 8-12 doubles with 45-65% of 1RM (1 min. rest)
Speed Bench Press/Press, 8-10 triples with 50-60% 1 RM (1 min. rest) (Alternating)
Deadlift, 6-10 singles with 40-50% 1RM (30 sec. rest)

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